Western Digital Storage Platforms

Designed for High Density and Flexibility

The Ultrastar Data hybrid storage platform is a key element of next-generation disaggregated storage and Software-Defined Storage (SDS) systems. The compact, efficient form factor provides the flexibility to specify the HDD and SSD combinations for balancing capacity, performance, and cost.

A flash data acceleration tier can be enabled to serve both fast data and big data applications from a single platform. The Ultrastar Data addresses the demanding storage needs of large enterprise customers, storage OEMs, cloud service providers, as well as resellers/integrators requiring dense, shared HDD or hybrid storage.

Direct Attached Platforms

High Performance and Mobility platforms

Ultrastar Serv24-A Data Transport




Robust, Portable Data Transport

Sometimes data needs to be physically transported safely and with multiple security measures when traditional methods of sending that data over a network isn’t an option because of costs, security concerns or speed. This can include transporting dailies from a shooting location to post-production; seismic data from exploration rig-to-shore; sensitive battlespace data to base, or simply moving data center content to a cloud service provider.

The Ultrastar Serv24-A Data Transport provides up to 368TB of solid-state storage in a robust, standard or tamper-evident case. With dual Intel® Xeon® CPUs and high-performance SSDs, data ingest, and transfer is fast and effcient. The integrated handle makes it easy to carry and the available wheeled transit case provides even greater protection. 

  • Dual-socket Intel Xeon scalable processor-based server
  • Maximum Capacity 368TB
  • Max # of Drives 24
  • Interface Ethernet
  • Drive Type SSD
  • Rack Height 2U
  • Redundant PSU 


OpenFlex Storage Platform 




OpenFlex Data24 NVMe-oF Storage Platform

Western Digital’s OpenFlex Data24 NVMe-oF Storage Platform extends the high performance of NVMe flash to shared storage. It provides low-latency sharing of NVMe SSDs over a high-performance Ethernet fabric to deliver similar performance to locally attached NVMe SSDs. Industry-leading connectivity, using Western Digital RapidFlex™ network adapters, allows up to six hosts to be attached without a switch.

The OpenFlex Data24 NVMe-oF Storage Platform can also be used as a disaggregated storage resource in an open composable infrastructure environment. OpenFlex Data24 is built to deliver high availability and enterprise-class reliability. The entire enclosure, including SSDs, is backed with a 5-year limited warranty.


  • Maximum Capacity 368TB
  • Max # of Drives 24
  • Interface NVMe-oF
  • Drive Type SSD
  • Rack Height 2U
  • High density and capacity
  • Up to 368TB1 in 2U
  • Low latency
  • Dual Port SSDs
  • Bandwidth match between SSDs (Storage) and I/O (Network) – No oversubscription
  • RESTful API support for simplified management
  • Superior serviceability and high quality global support services
  • Industry leading limited warranty – 5 years

Applications and Workloads

  • Real-time Analytics
  • Database
  • SDS Environments
  • High-Performance Computing
  • Public or Private Cloud
  • Virtualization
  • Scale-Out/Up Configurations
  • AI and Machine Learning



OpenFlex Composable Infrastructure

Composable infrastructure is a new architectural approach that uses NVMe™-over-Fabric to dramatically improve compute and storage utilization, performance, and agility in the data center. With the exponential growth in data, along with the increasing diversity of workflows and demands on IT infrastructure, businesses need to increase speed, agility and time-to-value for their customers.

OpenFlex architecture and products allow storage to be disaggregated from compute, enabling applications to share a common pool of storage capacity. Data can easily be shared between applications, or needed capacity can be allocated to an application regardless of location.

  • Maximum Capacity 61TB1
  • Max # of Drives 10
  • Interface NVMe-oF
  • Drive Type SSD
  • Rack Height 3U
  • Composable, shareable high-performance storage
  • Access data from anywhere in the data center
  • Lower CapEx and OpEx by reducing resource over-provisioning
  • Manageable through existing data center orchestration frameworks
  • Reduce stranded or underutilized resources
  • Dynamic provisioning: scale down resources as easily as you scale up

Applications and Workloads

  • High-Performance, Low-Latency Apps
  • Database
  • Data Analytics
  • Rack-Scale Flexible Infrastructure
  • Software-Defined Storage Environments
  • Private Cloud
  • Big Data Applications

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