GIGABYTE offers a comprehensive product lineup that aims to “Upgrade Your Life.” With expertise encompassing consumer, business, gaming, and cloud systems, GIGABYTE uses research and innovation to consistently meet user needs. GIGABYTE is renowned for award-winning products including motherboards, graphics cards, laptops, mini PCs, and other PC components and accessories, and has revolutionized the PC industry with patented DualBIOS™ and Ultra Durable™ technologies. As an expert in PC technology, GIGABYTE is poised to extend our scope in business servers and cloud systems with hardware and software solutions that integrate AI and AloT applications to develop the ideal infrastructure for future prospects in 5G. For more information, visit: www.gigabyte.com/Enterprise.

Enterprise Servers and Solutions

  • AI Platform // AI Training Server | AI Inference Server 

Processing power, large amounts of data, fast networking, and accelerators all bundle into a scale out ready HPC and/or AI server solution.
Applications include: Deep Learning // Scientific Analysis & Simulation // Software-Defined Storage // Mission Critical Workloads

  • High-Performance Computing Server

Processing power, large amounts of data, fast networking, and accelerators all bundle into a scale out ready HPC and/or AI server solution.
Applications include: Artificial Intelligence // Deep Learning // Scientific Analysis & Simulation // Mission Critical Workloads

  • Storage Server

Capacity, reliability, and storage flexibility are built into these storage servers for enterprise and datacenters. Offering fast read/write speeds with NVME drives, as well as enterprise grade SATA and SAS drives in 2.5" and 3.5" form factors. These servers have built in scalability to meet data-intensive workloads.
Applications Include: Software-defined Storage (SDS) // Big Data // Cloud Hosting Workloads // Backup Server // Multimedia Server

  • Network Server

Securely manage the use of files and applications for office environments while storing large amounts of data.
Applications include: File Storage // Host an Intranet // File Access via VPN // Shared Internet Connection // Virtual Server

  • Edge Server

Real time data processing at the source is required for edge computing with reduced latency for Internet of Things (IoT) and 5G networks as they use cloud. Edge servers are deployed in locations that demand smaller chassis servers, and these servers are under 500mm in depth.
Applications Include: Real-time monitoring // Live UHD Video Streaming // IoT Devices // Autonomous Vehicles

  • Visual Computing

Systems that do visual applications from computer graphics to computer animation rely on visual computing servers.
Applications include: 3D Medical Imaging // 3D Modeling // AR/VR at 5G Edge // Virtual Workstation

  • Hyper-Converged Server

Software-defined cluster of nodes that can be dedicated for compute, storage, networking, or virtualization.
Applications include: Edge Computing // Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) // Remote Data Center Management // Testing and Development // File Storage

  • Embedded Computing 

Embedded IoT Solution // Industrial Motherboard 

  • Hybrid/Private Cloud Server

Server resources are effectively allocated via virtualization, and these servers are highly flexible.
Applications include: Hosting Websites // eCommerce applications // Databases // File Storage

  • e-Mobility

Telematics and Edge computing platform for Electric vehicle, Autonomous driving, ADAS, ITS, and V2X applications

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