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Server + JBOD | from 15K

Server  JBOB


Gen12 Mainstream

WD Ultrastar Data60-Bay Storage Platform 
144TB – 1.3PB Capacity

WD Ultrastar Data102 Storage Platform
360TB – 2.2PB Capacity 

Up to 12 x 12Gb/s SAS-3 host connections


Server + Storage | from 30K

Server  Storage 


WIO, CloudDC

Seagate Exos ® Advanced Storage Array

Petabyte-scale, rack-mounted block storage.
Up to 336 drives in a single system.
Virtual pools, Thin provisioning, SSD read cache, Auto-tiering, Snapshots, Asynchronous replication and data protection features


Server + All-Flash Storage | from 60K

Server  Storage


Gen 12/Gen13 
Ultra, Hyper

Pure Storage FlashArray//X
Pure Storage FlashArray//C

All-Flash, 100% NVMe, Highest Performance, Low latency
Availability High-End 99.9999, N+2
All SW included: Dedupe/Compression, ActiveCluster, QoS,
Snapshots/Clones, Thin Provisioning

Terms and Conditions:
Switching on demand (Mellanox, SonicWall, EdgeCore)

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